Sunday, 14 March 2010


Empire of the sun

Miss Van & Anaoana

Original Hanky Panky girl miss Van has a new clothing collection in collaboration with Anaoana. The collection is entitled "Red Cheeks" based on cabaret and circus shows.

Click here to find out more
or here to buy the collection, but be quick most have already sold out!

Sexy Shit

You maybe thinking shit is never sexy, and I would have to say I agree. 

These two words should never even pop into your mind. But today I discovered graffiti artists Insa new heels made out of ahem mmmm well pooh!

He was inspired by Manchester born artist Chris Ofili who has been using very unique mixed media for his art. Chris

won a Turner Prize with 'The virgin Mary' made up made up of black porn magazine collage, oil paint, glitter, polyester resin and elephant dung on linen.

Image source:

Insa was  asked by Tate Britain to produce some work in response to an artist he has admired Chris Offili.

Image Source Both:

The work is entitled “Anything comes when it comes to (s)hoes…”

And will be going on display in Tate Britain from sunday 14th March


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