Sunday, 24 January 2010

Bitches that Booze keyring @Mobshop

The most official bitches have decided to bring back one of the older classic tee sayings (season 2 throwback!) - BITCHES THAT BOOZE - for spring, but as a keychain rather than a shirt. The keychain also appropriately doubles as a bottle opener. Get yours and get to cracking at the MOB SHOP!

Call yourself a blogger!!!

Answer: No its been 4 months since my last post.

 Here is my Faves of 2009:
The first has to be 13 year old blogger of the year Tavi Gevinson. This lil fashionista  has created a storm in the fashion industry and is now seen on the front row at the biggest catwalk shows. Tavi started her blog at age 11 and now has over 50,000 readers.
Check out

Mary Katrantzou is among the second wave of breakout stars of the digital print revolution that has been sweeping London's designers since Basso & Brooke began experimenting a few years ago. The shift from mechanical screen printing to computer manipulations of color and pattern has meant designers like Katrantzou can achieve impossibly complex feats of imagination, and she's moving as fast as pixels and ink jets can be pushed to decorate a beautiful silk dress. For Spring, the wavy, multicolored trompe l'oeil patterns were an intensification of the research into perfume bottles Katrantzou used last Fall. This time, she'd gotten sucked into the visual possibilities of the spiraling, fluid forms of artisanal blown glass.  The result: far more sophisticated pieces than the front-only placement prints on shifts she did last season.-text & image's by sarah Mower

Chef Series: Food for thought

Manchester based photographer Attila Zsargo is my biggest inspiration for 2010. This particular Chef Series is a combination of structured body shapes complementing the foods colour and shape. The series features the inspiring alternative model 'Faytal', (one to look out for ) make up artist Roseecheeks and japanese jewelry designer Muku.
I love so many elements of this series, Attila's strong and unique composition, the way Faytal is able to hold a pose that is that elegant sexy and serene  despite squeezing a dead rabbit or fish.
I will be posting an video tour of Faytal's underwater shoot in the Philippines this April. 
All images © Attila Zsargo 

Lego Kitchen

It seems that quite a few things will benefit from a Scandinavian touch. Munchausen, a duo formed by Parisian designers Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti, took a bold approach with their own kitchen by venturing to IKEA for the basic kitchen island and then spending the next week covering it with more than 20,000 pieces by another Scandinavian brand, Lego
The result is a one-of-a-kind creation that serves as an artistic centerpiece for the space, in addition to functioning as a kitchen counter. Pillard, who works with fashion house JC de Castelbajac, and Rosetti who works with Hugo Boss France Identity, formed Munchhausen in 2004.
The two have recently contributed a collection of T-shirts, cushions, wallpaper and accessories for the new French labelCommune de Paris, 1871. Munchhausen was one of three initial contributors for Commune de Paris, 187. The other two were Julien Langendorff and David Herman Dune. - Tuija Seipell.
Image and text source:

Oswald Helgason

The use of print within fashion is not a new phenomenon, however, with technological innovation a surge of photosynthesis prints is giving an almost 3D effect to the finished garments. The fusion of colour, print and reality makes the wearer feel like a moving installation! One brand whose signature style integrates narrative prints and a kaleidoscope of colours is Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason of Ostwald Helgason. The German and Icelandic designers met when both were working for a London design studio. They won two design grants from the German government and showed their first joint collection at Paris Fashion Week. Ostwald is the colour and print designer and Helgason is the maestro of the silhouettes. The Ostwald Helgason label launched in 2006 and stocks in Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, Netherlands, UK and US in shops such as Opening Ceremony, Kokon To Zai and Bauhaus, and boasts fans such as Rihanna and Daphne Guinness.– Kate Vandermeer
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