Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Taking place at Contact from Thursday 30th September to Saturday 2nd October the Black Sound Series is a celebration of Black Music culture and it's influence on the UK at the opening of Black History Month 2010. Attractions include the best in Spoken Word Poetry, Live Music, Contemporary dance, DJ’s and a photographic exhibition.

Contact in association with Culturehub NYC and ADAD present a special curated Mixed Movement. Dancers from Manchester and New York jamming in real-time across a digital space to celebrate the diversity of Black Dance!
The event is hosted by DawN Crandell - creator of Mixed Movement, and also features two incredible showcase artists: Lati Saka and Manchester’s premier dance troupe ‘ Shockout’. 

DANCEAFRICA & REMEMBA FELA - A night dedicated to the legend of Afrobeat FELA KUTI and a celebration of contemporary Afro influenced Dance music. Expect to hear the best in Afrobeat, Deep House, Broken Beat and Afro -tech brought to you by COMMUNITY & CONTACT. All hosted by London hip hop artist TY.

Photography by LadyLuck aka Problemchild (click for my new blog bitches :)

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