Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Tim Bret-Day

Image and text source:LifeLounge

Tim Bret-Day is pretty much the shit when it comes to creating images of fantasy, desire and the somewhat ludicrous scenes that high fashion editorial commands. He's essentially the opposite of a point and shoot kind of photographer, constructing elaborate scenes of nauseating gloss, depth and glamour finished within an inch of its life. So its really no surprise that brands like Agent Provocateur, Harvey Nichols, Adidas, Mercedes and Smirnoff have all come knocking on his door to make them look good. His images have graced the pages of magazine heavyweights such as Harpers and Queen, The Face, Marie Claire, Flaunt... I can actually go on forever.

Pictured to the right of this post is some of his amazing work and for more please visit

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